Honeycomb paper products rush to fill the embroidered green packaging sales market gap
As a key substitute for packaging materials such as wooden raw materials and Eps foam materials, honeycomb paperboard crafts have become a hot spot for everyone.
After nearly 30 years of painstaking research, development and design, and continuous improvement and improvement, at this stage, the production process of honeycomb paperboard in China is improving day by day, leading to brand strategy, and has successfully developed new products to produce sixth and seventh generation honeycomb paperboard. Professional equipment.
According to statistics, in the current stage of honeycomb paperboard production process in China, the process of winding honeycomb paperboard production process, the production process of layered honeycomb paperboard, the automatic continuous production process of honeycomb paperboard from paper feeding to exiting, and The continuous automatic random total width honeycomb paper core production process, etc., has an independent patent right invention patent, and some of the technical make up for the blank pages of the world of honeycomb paperboard industry, exceeding the international excellent level.
In recent years, the equipment of honeycomb paperboard production line in China has already crossed the ocean, and it has come to an end when it is imported and there is no historical value of export value. This also marks that the honeycomb paperboard production line equipment in China has entered the stage of high-level athletes and high-quality development trend, and produced the first batch of packaging manufacturing industry with the necessary level of science and technology development team with the scientific research school as the key and the company's scientific and technological strength as the basic. One of the new industries has the key practical significance and obvious economic benefits and social and economic benefits for the expansion of the main uses of honeycomb paperboard crafts for “paper-for-wood” and “paper-based”.
In China, it has become a global power producer and exporter of electronic information technology products. According to the statistical analysis of authoritative organizations, in 2006, the overall goal of China's electronic information industry management and control emphasized: the production of 91 million color TVs, at least 45 million vehicles; the production of micro-computers will soon exceed 98 million, with an export value of 58 million. Vehicles; 198 million color displays, at least 160 million exported; 300 million mobile phones, at least 300 million exported... In recent years, the overall strength of China's electronic information industry has improved significantly, electronic computers in consumer electronics, The production of mobile phones, color TVs and other commodities ranks first in the world. The value of electronic information technology merchandise exports increased at an average rate of 40%. In 2008, electronic information technology exports accounted for 35 billion US dollars, accounting for about one-fifth of the total national export trade, which is about 30% of the total global electronic information technology commodity trade.
At this stage, with the gradual reduction or cancellation of import tariff barriers, some non-tariff barriers have become more and more effective in foreign trade exchanges. At least green packaging has gradually become a new non-tariff barrier - "green" Trade barriers." Therefore, it is imperative for electronic equipment to create green packaging, and honeycomb paperboard has become an idealized low-carbon environmentally friendly packaging product. The honeycomb paperboard industry has a promising future.
Honeycomb cardboard crafts are new products to replace the development and design, most of the three-leaf Roots blowers have not yet entered the replacement period. Honeycomb paperboard needs to develop, and it is necessary to deepen the application and promotion in upgrading and improving the processing technology of machinery and equipment and the quality. In summary, in research and development, development and design, application and promotion, there are indeed many tasks such as technical, processing technology and industry management and sales market training.
According to incomplete statistical analysis, in China, only the colorful picture tube manufacturing industry needs to lose 6,000 trays per day. Color TVs, refrigerators, fully automatic washing machines, air conditioners and other household appliances need to pack wooden boxes, cache gaskets, and trays. It is also a shocking big number. According to the calculation of professionals, electronic packaging must have more than 60 honeycomb paperboard production lines to consider the supply of supporting facilities, and the continuous growth of electronic equipment has shown great sales market indoor space for the development trend of honeycomb paperboard manufacturing industry in China.
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