What are the advantages and disadvantages of honeycomb paperboard?
The advantages of honeycomb paperboard:
1. The material consumption is low, the specific strength and specific bending stiffness are high, and it is very light.
The honey peak is constructed with a larger capacity and the strongest honeycomb with at least material consumption. According to scientific research, the geometry of the honeycomb structure produces an overall structure like an arch bridge, which in turn increases the tensile strength of the surface by 150 times. Honeycomb paperboard adopts honeycomb structure, so it also consumes at least material and obtains large capacity and large compressive strength and bending rigidity. Under the same conditions of paper consumption, it is higher than corrugated carton, close to Eps (expandable polyethylene plastic foam), only a few tenths of water.
2, excellent buffer damping
The honeycomb paperboard has a core structure with excellent buffer damping and close to Eps.
3, excellent thermal insulation, thermal insulation performance
The honeycomb holes of the honeycomb core are of a closed structure, and at least filled with gas and circulated with each other. Therefore, it has excellent heat insulation and heat insulation properties.
4, compressive strength, bending stiffness is easy to adjust
By changing the thickness and weight of the core paper or changing the diameter of the honeycomb core and the aspect ratio of the core column, the honeycomb paperboard can receive different compressive strength and bending stiffness.
5, can carry out unique treatment process and get a distinctive role
Honeycomb paperboard is a full-paper raw material that is easy to carry out unique treatment processes to obtain unique characteristics such as moisture resistance, flame retardancy, mold removal and dry solidification. This is the fourth reason why honeycomb paperboard can be applied and promoted.
6, the export value is not steamed, free of quarantine certificate
Honeycomb paperboard is subjected to infrared induction air drying or microwave heating in the process of processing, which is equivalent to the disinfection and sterilization treatment. Therefore, the export value is not steamed, and the quarantine certificate is exempted. This makes it possible to replace the wood at a necessary level for exporting the packaging of the goods.
7, energy-saving goods
Honeycomb paperboard is environmentally friendly during processing, and can be rebuilt and recycled. Therefore, it can replace Eps as a cache raw material.
Honeycomb paper defects:
1. The fracture resistance, folding resistance and peeling resistance are weak, which limits its application at some levels;
2, the production and processing characteristics are weak, can not be as easy to make a box-shaped plastic packaging container like corrugated boxes, even if it can be made, the automation technology is low in production;
3. When packaging printing is carried out together, the packaging and printing are less suitable, and it is not necessary to consider the necessity of contemporary decoration and decoration, which also limits its application at the packaging level.
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